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Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

What is it?

Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is a comprehensive investment grant scheme that assists business projects that create and safeguard jobs in Scotland.

RSA is a discretionary grant scheme offered to companies in Assisted Areas – areas, including parts of Fife, designated for regional aid under European Community law - and is paid in instalments, typically over a number of years as specific targets are met.

What’s Available?

There are different levels of RSA depending on the location of your project and the size of your business.

Discretionary RSA grants of up to 30% are available to companies creating jobs in some areas of Fife.

Further details on the level of funds available can be found at or to check if your postcode is in an eligible area, click here. 

Am I Eligible?

RSA is available to limited companies, sole traders or partnerships, whether your business is based in Fife or you intend to locate here.

To qualify, your project must meet all of the following criteria:-

  • Take place in an Assisted Area
  • Directly create or safeguard jobs within your business and not be offset by job losses elsewhere
  • Be financially viable
  • Involve an element of capital investment
  • Be mainly funded from the private sector
  • Demonstrate the need for RSA

RSA will not be offered if your business is already committed to undertaking the project or if it’s believed the project would proceed anyway.

How Do I Apply?

If your project meets the scheme’s criteria listed above, the next step is to complete an initial enquiry form. This will allow Business Gateway Fife to give informed, early stage feedback on the project.

To find out more and to discuss your project contact us now on 01592 858333 or email

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