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Increasing Diversity in Manufacturing Project

Funded by the Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council, Equate Scotland, the Association For Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE), and The National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) are partnering to deliver the Increasing Diversity in Manufacturing project.
The Scottish Government’s National Transition Training Fund (NTTF) aims to tackle the impacts that Covid-19 and Brexit have had, particularly on those who are aged 25 and over, unemployed, facing redundancy, under the MRP. As part of this NMIS MSA were awarded £1.45M in tranche one and £1.98M in tranche 2 from the Scottish Funding Council to support both those individuals though upskilling and reskilling, and recent graduates who are struggling to find work within manufacturing.
Workpackage one is a pilot programme to transform the pereception of the manufacturing sector and increase opportunities and employment for Women, Ethnic Minorities, and other under-represented groups with protected characteristics across Scotland.
This programme will target 50 employers, including 30 SMEs and will engage a minimum of 50 individuals (potential employees in the sector).
One focus of this will be the Creating a Diverse Workplace training series, which will support organisations to review their practices and increase diversity in their workplace, to help take action on equality and inclusiveness in the workplace by helping them create a holistic ED&I strategy that will have a whole organisation approach to gender equality in STEM.
The series equips organisations to make steps towards more inclusive workplaces which don’t require the organisation to make expensive changes after taking part in the series.
This project is for SMEs in STEM who are motivated to make tangible changes to their workplace to improve inclusion and recruit more diverse talent. In order to embed a whole organisation approach we ask three members of each organisation to take part: 
Senior Manager
HR or involved in recruitment
Technical or skills background
As part of this participating organisations will receive a half-day tailored consultation on improving their ED&I cultures, policy and practices, and organisational frameworks
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