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Ecobean Moves Into The Mercat

Paul Armour launched Ecobean, his ethically sourced Artisan coffee roasting company back in 2018 when he purchased and converted an old horse box and installed a small coffee roaster and espresso machine. He took the business out to customers on Kirkcaldy’s promenade, roasting coffee onsite and designing new blends and took his produce to markets and fairs.  Since then, he has developed the wholesale side of the business and has opened a retail unit in St Clair Street. 

Paul commented, “2022 was very challenging both on the wholesale side and the retail shop in St Clair Street.  A mixture of cost of living pressures on the public and cafes and coffee shops, struggling due to rising energy bills and raw materials, meant that I had to make a decision on the future pathway for the business. Feedback from customers suggested it would be more convenient for them if I was in the High Street area, so after months of searching for a suitable property, I decided on the unit in the Mercat Centre where the former Carlton’s café was situated.”

Along with the new coffee and tea emporium, Paul now has the coffee shop, wholesale and the market stalls.  This will allow him to take the business forward via several channels while staying true to positioning Ecobean as a Zero Waste coffee solution. He is looking at a new concept coffee roaster that will be within the shop in the Mercat, allowing him to have everything self-contained.

As a client of Business Gateway Fife, HR adviser, Catherine Bartle was able to support him on recruitment.  Going forward, Paul will be employing several full-time and part-time staff to cover both the shop and markets allowing him to concentrate on the wholesale customers.

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