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Lovat’s Catering for Growth

Company Name: Lovat’s Catering Engineering Services Ltd
Company Contact: Nicola Hunter
Sector: Services

Demonstrating steady growth year on year, Lovat’s Catering Engineering Services Ltd is committed to driving further growth, both in terms of turnover and employee numbers.
A new management information system (MIS), for which Lovat’s received financial support from the Fife Investment Fund to purchase, will create efficiencies throughout the business. The new system will enable Lovat’s to automate much of its back office function; improve engineers’ response times and improve job costings. This in turn will generate time savings which will create more capacity within the business to seek new contracts and undertake more projects.

Nicola Hunter of Lovat’s spoke to fbm. She said:

“The new MIS, which we financed with help from the Fife Investment Fund, has enabled us to free up a lot of our employees’ time, which we’ve utilised to focus on tendering for some new contracts as we seek to expand the business.

“The company has grown steadily over recent years with turnover increasing significantly due to the business expanding into other fields. We’ve recently been successful in tenders with Dundee City Council, which has resulted in an increase in staff numbers. We also anticipate turnover to continue to increase at a steady rate over the coming years.

Lovat’s has grown year on year and now has 30 employees, eight of whom were employed full-time over the past year. Staff numbers are anticipated to grow to approximately 38 over the next five years.

The catering engineering services company worked with Business Gateway Fife Adviser Sarah Howarth to obtain financial support through the Fife Investment Fund.  This comprised a £2000 grant and a £3000 repayable loan to purchase their new MIS. 

Lovat’s offer service contracts for the following: catering equipment; refrigeration; HVAC; air conditioning and air source heat pumps.  It also offers bespoke commercial kitchen design and installations all carried out by its own fully qualified technicians. For more information, please call: 01592 640643 or email:

Fife Investment Fund, administered by Business Gateway Fife, on behalf of Fife Council Economic Development can help with funding to encourage small companies in Fife to invest and grow their business. More information on Fife Investment Fund can be found on our Finance page or alternatively call us on: 01592 858333 or email: